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About the big cheese



We care for people and their families and have sympathy when it comes to having to deal with pest problems



We aim to offer ethical and humane solutions and products to help you solve your pest problems



We care for the planet and are working towards reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging

Our commitment

To provide an effective and easy-to-use range of home-use rodent and vertebrate control products under a single brand

To minimise the suffering of all sentient beings including household pests such as mice and rats

To provide a comprehensive range of non-lethal alternatives to traditional traps and poisons

To promote only non-lethal methods of controlling household pests under The Big Cheese brand

Minimise packaging waste with alternatives to plastic packaging used wherever possible

The Big Cheese products are tested and approved to meet the legal requirements, and standards expected of a trusted consumer brand

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View pest control guides

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