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September 01, 2023

Thanks to insecticides, powerful cleaning products, and the good old vacuum cleaner, fleas on humans are pretty much unheard of here in the UK. However, it’s another story for our furry four-legged friends. Though not their fault, they are the main reason we find fleas in our homes and these pests can be hard to spot.  


How to identify a flea

Fleas are small, flat-bodied creatures. They are dark brown, around 3mm long, and have 6 legs that are adapted for jumping - being able to reach heights of up to 30cm!  Are you feeling itchy yet? 

Just to clarify how tiny they actually are, their size is comparable to a black pepper grain or the head of a ballpoint pen - making them basically a speck! 

Technically they are still visible to the naked eye, but they move very fast. Therefore spotting one will be difficult, especially when on our pets. So rather than getting your magnifying glass out, it’s often easier to spot the signs of a flea infestation rather than the actual flea itself. 


Signs of fleas in your home

The signs of a flea infestation in your home include: 


  • Eggs on the carpet!

The first port of call is your carpet because that’s where fleas will lay their eggs as they’ll consider it a safe place. When we joked about finding your magnifying glass earlier, you may actually need it now because flea eggs are very tiny. So to tell whether they have moved in, you’ll need to have a fairly close look. The eggs will be white in colour. 

In addition, another obvious sign of a flea taking up residence is seeing them jumping or hopping on your soft furnishings - this includes pet bedding, curtains, carpets, rugs and sofas. 


  • ‘Flea dirt’

Finding small red, dark brown, or black specks around your home can be a sign of fleas. Now, this could also just be dirt, but if you’re suspicious then further investigation needs to be taken because ‘flea dirt’ is also flea faeces. 

To tell if it’s just dirt or flea faeces, scoop some up on a paper towel, spray it with water and if you start to see brown or red hues, it’s likely to be ‘flea dirt’. 


The signs of your pet having fleas include: 


  • Excessive scratching 

Probably the most obvious indicator that your pet has fleas is excessive scratching. 


  • Dark dots in their fur

As with the ‘flea dirt’, you may start to notice small dark dots in your pet's fur - especially if you have a lighter-coloured animal. 


  • Hair loss

Hair loss on your pets can be another sign as a result of the constant scratching and irritation. 


  • Restlessness 

Behaviour changes like restlessness and fidgeting can be a sign of fleas. Our pets can’t tell us what’s wrong so have to find another way to flag it to us or remedy it themselves, and this could be a way they try to do that. 


How to treat fleas in your home

If you think you have an infestation, there are a few different options for treating your home and pets. 


Zero In Flea Powder is an easy way to rid your home of fleas. The dry, shake and vac formula can be used to treat pet bedding, baskets, rugs, and carpets, however, it is not to be used directly on pets. It doesn’t stain and it leaves behind a fresh fragrance. 


Another that can be used on fabrics, bedding, and living areas (but not directly on pets) is Zero In Flea Spray. The water-based formula leaves no nasty odours but effectively kills and provides protection against fleas and their larvae. 


Zero In Flea Bomb can be used for whole-room treatment. This one-shot aerosol bomb is made from natural ingredients and can be used to treat hard and soft furnishings including bedding, rugs, and carpets. It’s cleaner than traditional smoke bombs and the natural formula breaks the flea breeding cycle and helps prevent re-infestation. 


We also provide an All in One Kit that provides all of the above at a great price.


Zero In Flea Killer Plug-in Kit uses a gentle heat that mimics a warm-blooded animal to attract fleas from bedding and carpets within a 10-metre radius. The sticky pad within then traps and kills the fleas. It’s a handy piece of kit as it can also act as an early indicator of infestations and provides 1,000 hours of use. 


As we mentioned, our beloved pets can be responsible for welcoming unwanted visitors with open arms into our homes. A Flea Killer Comb is a poison-free and effective way to treat fleas directly on your pet. Through a harmless electrical charge, the comb removes and kills the pests and their eggs. It can also be used without the charge as it features push-button activation for ease of use.

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