Fruit flies are annoying pests that can be found around the home, they are particularly prolific at the end of summer and during autumn. They are not harmful to humans however they can become a nuisance as well as make household living conditions extremely unsanitary. They can be identified through their small size, red eyes and brown bodies.


Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time, which explains how they can infest an area so quickly. They tend to lay their eggs inside fermenting fruit or other organic material so that when the eggs hatch the larvae can feed themselves easily in order to survive. Despite being attracted mostly to fermenting fruits and vegetables fruit flies also have a taste for drains, rubbish bins, empty bottles and cans, rubbish bags, cleaning rags and mops. This is because these areas are moist environments and can contain food waste.


Thankfully we have a solution! Zero In's Fruit Fly Trap Twinpack (ZER701). This trap kills annoying fruit flies without using hazardous chemicals which makes it safe for use in kitchens and food prep areas. Additionally, it will last up to 30 days in helping get rid of fruit flies from your household and the new refillable format means you can buy more refill packs if you need them.


Fruit Fly

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