“The wildest of all wild animals was the Cat. He walked by himself, and all places were alike to him”

Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories 1902


The observation that cats have never been wholly domesticated was true in 1902 and is still very much the case today. This is part of their charm but can also mean that they can be an unwelcome visitor to your garden, where they can leave their faeces and dead animals as well as being a threat to any birds that have not got their wits about them.

If you want to keep cats out of your garden without harming them, The Big Cheese has several solutions.

Prickle Strips   

Cats are fantastic jumpers and climbers; they will not be remotely deterred by garden fences and walls. Our selection of Prickle Strips can be attached to the top of these barriers. These strips will not hurt any would-be invaders but will prevent them from getting in.

Ultrasonic Repellers

The Big Cheese has a comprehensive selection of ultrasonic repellers that can be bought to fit any size of garden. These repellers emit a high frequency burst that can deter cats from coming in, and are particularly handy for keeping your bird tables cat-free.


Cats are no different from any other land-based animals, a short sharp jet of spray will deter them from areas such as ponds and flower beds that you would like to keep free from felines.

Pepper Dust

Pepper Dust is a simple and effective way to help deter cats from digging, scratching, and fouling in garden areas.


If you want to cover a small or large area there is a selection of natural, poison-free deterrents available.

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