Fleas have been here for at least 35 million years and there are approximately 2,500 species in existence. We’ve compiled a few facts that will allow you to understand, prevent and spot them better. Moreover, we have an unbeatable selection of products to help you rid your homes of them – permanently!

Flea Facts

There are over 2,500 species of flea in the world, they are a common problem almost everywhere.

When a flea jumps onto a pet, it will start feeding within 5 minutes and can live on them for up to 2 months.

Huge numbers of adult fleas can remain dormant inside pupae for weeks and months, waiting for the right conditions to infest animals and pets.

Fleas can lay up to 40-50 eggs a day and up to 2,000 in their lifetime.

What Attracts Fleas?

Food: The blood of warm-bodied species (animals/ humans). Fleas tend to prefer hairy animals as the hair enables them to cling better to their host.

Warmth: Fleas love warmer climates which is why they tend to prosper during spring and summer months. This is also why they can appear in the autumn and winter when we’re cranking up the heating.

Carbon Dioxide: Fleas are attracted to carbon dioxide, the gas that warm-blooded organisms produce.

Darkness: Flea larvae and eggs tend to seek darkness. This is so they will be hidden out of plain sight. This makes it more likely for them to survive through the pupa stage and reach adulthood.

Spotting Fleas

Itchiness and scratching – Are you or your pet or pets scratching a lot? This probably isn’t a coincidence!

Socks! – If you think you might have fleas in your home, put on a pair of white socks and rub your feet on the carpet. If fleas are present, they’ll soon appear as small dark specks!  

Droppings – If you spot black specks on your carpet, dab it with a moistened white cloth and see if these show as small reddish streaks.


Simple itching caused by fleas can be irritating enough, but fleas can cause more serious health problems too. Fleas are responsible for transmitting tapeworms to cats, dogs and even humans. They are also to blame for spreading bacterial diseases. Pets can develop severe allergies to flea bites which may last long after the fleas have gone.


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