Cats can be a welcome companion in your home, but they can also be a nuisance in your garden, digging in your flowerbeds and doing their unwanted business on your grass. The problem can quickly get out of hand, but as a friendly reminder, cats should never be harmed and are protected under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. So here are our top welfare friendly solutions to keep the cats at bay:


Cats are extremely sensitive to smells, having over 80 million smell receptors. To put this into perspective, humans have only around 400! And like us, they despise certain scents. They particularly dislike essential oils with citrus or peppermint scents and other substances that have strong scents like pepper


If you have the space in your garden, cultivating plants that naturally repels cats may be the perfect option. Coleus caninas are infamously known as the "scaredy cat" plants, popping these amongst your existing plants is a sure-fire way to have the cats deterred from your garden as soon as they approach it due to the intensity of the aroma for the feline.


Another humane way to scare off cats from vulnerable areas is using a motion activated sprinkler. Our jet spray garden protector detects animal movement and shoots a jet of water to deter even the most persistent garden pests, covering up to 10 metres in a 120º arc, creating a protected zone of over 100 square metres.


Having a persistent problem with cats digging up in your garden? A dig stopper is a great option to resolve this! Our Dig Stopper is easy to install just below ground level, allowing new plants to grow through the plastic mesh and successfully establish whilst also preventing cats, dogs and wildlife from digging.


As well as a strong sense of smell, they have a very acute sense of hearing, with capabilities to hear fine sounds that the human ear cannot. Our motion-activated repeller detects animal movement and delivers a continuously variable sonic burst to deter cats without harm, covering an area of 60m2.


If the cat sees your garden as an easy stomping ground where they can frequently catch prey, they are sure to keep returning. Declutter to ensure there are not any hiding places for the rodents, make sure bins are secure and sweep up any enticing food waste. However, if this doesn't do the trick, check out our range of rodent products.


Cats are territorial animals and spray their urine in areas to mark it as their own. Use a garden sprayer with an eco-friendly soap and clean their frequently visited areas regularly to put them off the scent.

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