When Rats, Squirrels and Mice smell a food source, they can go to great lengths to locate it. Once they do begin to nibble on something they’ll keep coming back for more! (And will likely bring a friend or two, plus seeds will spill which will in turn attract more pests.) Not all is lost though, if you follow the steps below you should be able to prevent this problem from occurring and if it does The Big Cheese will have plenty of solutions and advice for solving your problems.  

Keep it clean

The most important thing here is to clean up any fallen food as quickly as you can, rodents are excellent climbers but like most creatures, they’d rather feed on the floor. Seed catchers or trays should help to prevent this from occurring and save you sweeping up night after night! Also, you should try to clean and disinfect your feeders monthly.


Ensure that where possible your feeder is apart from anywhere that a rodent could hide or take refuge in. As with all creatures Rodents hate to feel exposed. This will also make it easier to spot any unwanted feeders.

 “Baffles” and greasy poles

A “Baffle” is the name for the upside-down bowl like accessories that in theory prevent rodents from ascending a bird feeder, another option is for you to add vegetable oil or petroleum jelly to the pole which will make any climb all the more difficult.

If you have any more methods of preventing unwanted diners at your bird feeder, please let us know and we’ll add them to our blog!

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