During the colder months, rodents will be on the lookout for sustenance and warm conditions, often this can mean that they are drawn into our homes. We've created the list below to show just some of the signs you need to be aware of in case you have any unwanted house guests at the moment. 



Rodents are nocturnal and feed mostly at night so that scuttling sound waking you during the early hours could indicate their presence in your home.


Mouse droppings: 3-6 mm long, black and rod-shaped. Approximately 80 droppings per day, often appearing in clusters.

Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) droppings are 1.5cm long with blunt ends.
Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) droppings are 1.3cm long with pointed ends.
Both appear in clusters.

Smear marks

Dark grey marks on surfaces from oil on hair.

Nest Sites

Rodents are skilled burrowers with sharp claws. Their nests are often uncovered under the floorboards or in pantries. They create extensive networks, with their point of entry often at the foot of solid objects such as dishwashers or countertops. Check around fridges, ovens, heating units and washing machines too.

Bite marks

Rodents enjoy chewing anything in the household from internet cables to chair legs. Check wood, paper, cables, carpet and furniture for marks.


In the dusty, disused corners of a building, rodents often leave footprints or tail markings.

Upset dog

At night, if your dog is barking at what seems like nothing, it could be picking up the scent or sounds of rodents.

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