What do mice eat? If cartoons lead us to believe anything, a big block of cheese laying tantalisingly on a mouse trap is irresistible to a mouse. However, the answer may not be as black and white as cartoons lead us to believe!

Research on mice and their feeding habits show that they will eat pretty much anything that has some nutritional value. However, like humans, they have dietary preferences. So, whilst in a pinch they would eat cheese, this does not mean it is the most effective way to bait them and would often not succeed. So, we wouldn't waste your best mature cheddar on these rodents, and instead try the options below:


When given the choice, mice seem to have a preference for sweet treats like fruit, or high calorie & fatty foods like peanut butter. Our Fresh'N'Tasty rodent attractant is made from a prune extract, which is extremely enticing to rodents and is also difficult for them to remove from traps. These baits are great for catch alive or catch and kill traps, our traps often come baited with this attractant!


If your preference is towards using rodenticides for controling mice, having the bait be the only food source is key. If there are competing food sources, the rodent is less likely to eat the bait. Our range of rodenticides are highly palatable and offer options for all scenarios you will find a rodent in. A friendly reminder that when you use rodenticides you must use a bait station by law to protect non-targets.


Mice have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and this can be exploited through baiting as per the options above, but can also be used to repel them. As well as a sensitive nose, they are also sensitive to sound. The use of high frequency noises that can't be picked up by human ears can act as a disturbance, causing rodents to nest elsewhere.

So, instead of baiting them, repelling them from your home is also a great option!

Our top picks for effective mouse repellents:




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