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Zero In All-In-One Wasp Killer Kit. Prevent Reinfestations.

Zero In All-In-One Wasp Killer Kit. Prevent Reinfestations.

Product Code: COM037
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Complete control of wasps indoors and out with this value-for-money kit containing four proven products:  Freeze Spray knockdown insect killer - 500ml dual action aerosol; Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam - 300ml aerosol; Wasp Nest Killer Powder - 300g; Wasp-Free Zone Repellent  
  • GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE: Carefully selected to deliver fast-acting knockdown of nuisance wasps, indoors and out, and to stop them coming back – results are guaranteed, or your money back! 
  • FAST-ACTING: Freeze Spray Knockdown Insect Killer is an odourless, 100% Poison-Free knockdown insect killer. At a discharge temperature of -40ºC, this fast-acting spray kills wasps instantly 
  • POWERFUL: Whole nests can be killed from a distance of up to 2 metres with Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam. Suitable for use indoors and out. Contains sufficient foam for 2 - 3 treatments 
  • EASY-TO-USE: Wasp Nest Killer Powder is an insecticidal powder for killing wasps in the nest. The enhanced puffer pack enables accurate application to nest entrance 
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Create a Wasp-Free Zone with the imitation wasp nest. Simply hang in outdoor areas, such as gardens, patios or play areas to deter wasps. Wasps assume territory has already been claimed, creating a wasp-free zone over a 10-metre radius 
  • PREVENT REINFESTATIONS: All-In-One Kit kills wasps, destroys their nests, and stops them coming back. Ideal for use in indoor spaces and outdoor areas such as patios, BBQs, children’s play area, campsites, caravans and bin area 

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The Wasp Killer Kit is an all-in-one home and garden treatment for the safe and effective control of wasps and their nests. The four products included have been carefully selected to deliver fast-acting knockdown of nuisance wasps in and around the home, as well as longer-lasting control of nests indoors and out. Turn your home-space into a wasp-free zone for the summer with the Wasp Killer Kit – the results are guaranteed! 

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