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Bin Bags and Holder Kit

Bin Bags and Holder Kit

Product Code: COM152

Outstanding value for money! This combination of the Handy Bin Bag Holder Hoop and Fly-Repellent bin bags is a complete kit for tidying up during and after outdoor events. 

Perfect for keeping your garden litter and leaf free. 

Pest Control - Problem Solved. 


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  • Clip-and-go lightweight bag holder with comfortable carrier handle, for use with plastic or fabric sacks
  • Versatile use in and around home and garden, ideal for quick and easy tidying of laundry, toys, rubble, leaves, fruit and more
  • Easy to use 3 step process, simply undo the clips, slide in your bag, reclip and your are ready to collect
  • Reusable hoop makes waste management hygenic, by adding an extra barrier between you and the waste
  • 35.5 cm hoop width allows for universal use with most bags/sacks


  • 10 Heavy Duty Insect Repelling Bin Bags
  • Suitable for use in most types of pedal and swing bins
  • 72 x 88cm plastic sack with drawstring closure ensures safe refuse storage
  • Recommended for use wherever insect pests are a problem
  • Scented with natural plant extracts
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