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Covid-19 risk assessment

Carried out by: Will Hinks – Managing Director

Date of assessment: 01-02-2021

Next review date: 01-08-2021

What are we already doing to control the risks?

Objective: That everyone should work from home unless they cannot work from home

We have considered who is essential to be on site. Those who are not are working from home.

We have planned the minimum number of people needed on site to operate safely and effectively. We review staffing requirements on a weekly basis and reduce or increase numbers accordingly.

We have provided equipment to allow staff to work from home where this is necessary.

Objective: To protect clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals

All staff including those furloughed have access to welfare services provided by Healthshield. This includes help for mental health issues

We have taken into account any information provided to us by staff with regard to their or their household members who may be clinically vulnerable in assessing whether they should or should not work from home.

Objective: To make sure individuals who are advised to stay at home under existing government guidelines do not physically come to work.

We have enabled workers needing to self-isolate to work from home.

Objective: To treat everyone in the workplace equally.

We understand and have taken into account the particular circumstances of those with different protected characteristics

We have made sure that the needs of staff with caring responsibilities have been taken into account

We have considered whether we need to put in place and particular measures to take account of our duties under equalities legislation

Objective: To maintain social distancing where possible, on arrival and departure and to ensure handwashing on arrival.

We have provided additional toilet and hand washing facilities and hand sanitising facilities throughout the site

We require staff to wash or sanitise their hands before starting work and after every break

We limit the number of staff in company vehicles when travelling between company sites

Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible while people travel through the workplace.

We keep in touch with staff working from home through regular video conference meetings. All staff including those furloughed have access to welfare services provided by Healthshield. This includes help for mental health issues. We have provided all staff including those furloughed with information to help them understand the position of our business.

We have restricted access to parts of the site for certain groups of staff

We have increased the number of and segregated toilet and hand washing facilities to reduce the numbers of people using each facility

Objective: To maintain social distancing between individuals when they are at their workstations

We have reviewed departmental layouts, set-ups and processes in order to maintain a minimum of 2m distance where we can

We have arranged workstations so that people are not directly facing each other where we cannot maintain 2m distance

We have installed screens to provide separation of staff where we cannot maintain 2m distance

We have consistent groups of people working together in order to reduce social contact within the workplace

Objective: To reduce transmission due to face-to-face meetings and maintain social distancing in meetings

We have introduced video conference facilities which are used for both internal and external meetings to reduce face to face meetings

The number of people in meeting rooms is reduced to maintain 2m distance

Objective: To maintain social distancing whilst using common areas

We have staggered break times to reduce pressure on break rooms and places to eat We have outside areas where people can take breaks

We have reconfigured seating in rest areas to maintain spacing

We have introduced addition toilet and handwashing facilities and segregated their use.

Objective: To prioritise safety during incidents

We have briefed people involved in the provision of assistance to others to pay particular attention to sanitation measures immediately afterwards, including washing hands

Objective: To minimise the number of unnecessary visits to the site

We do not allow unscheduled visits to the site other than for delivery services

We have cancelled all customer visits

Maintenance work has been scheduled for weekends to avoid staff contact

We have provided signage for delivery drivers to direct them to maintain social distancing, including a ban on the use of our facilities on site

Objective: To make sure people understand what they need to do to maintain safety

We have briefed staff on sanitation, self-isolation and distancing requirements. We have put signage in place which highlights our safety requirements.

We require all staff to have their temperature checked upon arrival at work before starting their job. Strict procedures are in place for any member of staff who had a raised temperature in line with Government and PHE guidelines.

Objective: To keep the workplace clean and prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces

We have increased the frequency with which our facilities are cleaned from once to twice a day, with particular focus on touch surfaces such as handle.

Our facilities are disinfected with an anti -viral fogging treatment every 28 days.

Objective: To help everyone keep good hand hygiene through the working day

We have put up posters showing good technique

We have increased the number of hand washing facilities and provided hand sanitiser at locations throughout the site

We have increased the frequency of rubbish collection

We provide paper towels

Objective: To reduce transmission through contact with objects that come into the workplace

We have provided facilities to clean pieces of equipment which are in common use, for example pallet trucks and fork lifts

We have briefed staff to follow cleaning procedures for this equipment We have increased hand washing and hand sanitising facilities

Face coverings:

We require the use of face coverings for all staff unless working in isolation and provide these to staff on request. Where face coverings are used they are changed when necessary, but at least daily.

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