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The Big Cheese Solar-Powered Mole Repeller

The Big Cheese Solar-Powered Mole Repeller

Product Code: DP-STV757
  • Solar Rechargeable - Continuous operation using built-in solar rechargeable power-pack
  • Effective - Protects Lawns, seedbeds and seeding plants from mole damage
  • Easy Set Up - With weather-proof housing and a one-touch test button
  • Safe for Wildlife
  • Safe for Pets
  • Poison Free

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The Solar-Powered Mole Repeller discharges a sonic pulse into the surrounding earth every 50 seconds. This continuous disturbance within its territory repels the mole without harming it and eventually, it will be forced to find a new habitat. For larger or irregularly shaped gardens more than one unit may be required. The Rechargeable power pack-pack enables it to work continuously, including overnight and in poor light conditions.
  • For best results ensure the unit is placed in direct sunlight, away from shaded areas
  • Select the site worst affected by moles and plant it into the ground
  • Do not hammer into the ground. Where the soil is hard bore a hole to take the shaft of the unit before setting up
  • Bury the Solar-Powered Mole Repeller to within 10cm of the base of the green cap, ensuring firm contact of the shaft with the surrounding soil
  • The coverage area of the unit is up to a maximum of 15 meters, for larger areas you will need to use more units
  • The Solar-Powered Mole Repeller uses a single rechargeable AA battery
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Brand The Big Cheese Pets & Wildlife

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