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Home Treatment for Fleas - Lethal Kit

This excellent value kit will save you money and help deal with your flea problems!

Zero In Natural Insect Killer Flea Bomb - 150ml Aerosol provides treatment to a whole room for fleas. When released it will target fleas at all stages of their lifecycle.

As well in the kit is the Zero In Home Flea Spray - 300ml Aerosol which acts quickly on home furnishings to eliminate adult fleas and larvae.

Finally, the Zero In Home Flea Powder - 300g assists in killing cat and dog fleas and their larvae from household carpets, sofas, rugs and pet bedding.

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Flea Comb & Plug-In Killer - Poison-Free Lethal Kit

This kit is the money saving solution for dealing with your flea crisis! The Zero In Flea Killer Comb delivers a small electrical shock that is harmless to your pets, removing flea larvae and eggs from their coats. The Zero In Flea Killer lamp emits a gentle heat mimicking host animals to trap fleas on a sticky pad, working at over a 10m radius to fully clear your house and give you peace of mind that the problem has been solved. Pest Control - Problem Solved 

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