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  1. Ready-Baited Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap - 2 Colours
    Product Code: STV043 Ready-Baited Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap - 2 Colours

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Catch Mice Alive In Your Home - Poison-Free Non Lethal Kit

Save money when you purchasing these rodent products altogether!

The Big Cheese Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap supplied in this money saving kit are humane and welfare-friendly. They can catch four or more mice at a time without causing them injury.

Once the traps need rebaiting use The Big Cheese Fresh 'n Tasty Mouse & Rat Attractant supplied within the kit to carry on eliminating mice. The attractant is irresistble to rodents and increases your normal catch rates.

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Anti Rodent Lacquer, Battery Powered Ultrasonic Device & Refresher Spray - Repellent Kit

Save money through getting everything you need to repel rodents in one purchase!

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Battery Powered Mouse Repellent emits ultrasonic soundwaves to humanely repel rodents from the protected area. The best placements for the sonic repeller are caravans, lofts and garages. Spray the Anti Rodent Lacquer and Anti Mouse Refresher Spray from The Big Cheese range around potential entrances to prevent damage by rodents to cabling and other chewable objects.

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