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Slug Trap Multipack

Slug Trap Multipack

Product Code: Slug Trap Multipack
  • Pit-fall trap design guarantees results in any garden habitat
  • Durable two-piece design with detachable lid for easy cleaning 
  • Natural look - fits unseen into beds, borders and other garden areas
  • Versatile - can be used with yeast, beer traditional slug pellets or other

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This Slug Trap can be used in gardens and allotments to protect vegetable patches, seedlings and vulnerable plants from damage by slugs and snails. The 3 traps enclosed are reusable and will treat over 60M² for the full growing season.
  • For best results place traps at the time of sowing before plants are damaged by slugs and snails
  • Dig a hole the size of the trap base in the area most affected by slugs. Remove the lid and place the trap in the ground ensuring the side opening is above ground level
  • place bait inside the trap, within 2cm of trap rim 
  • Put the lid back in place and make sure it is secure
  • Check on the trap regularly and dispose of of the contents
  • Rince, replenish and bait
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