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STV003 Defenders Tomato Leaf Miner Pheromone Trap - Twinpack, Refillable

STV003 Defenders Tomato Leaf Miner Pheromone Trap - Twinpack, Refillable

Product Code: STV003
  • SEASONAL PROTECTION: Recommended for use from March to October throughout the growing season 
  • EFFECTIVE: Easy set-up with effective disruption and control of adult breeding cycles using species-specific pheromone lure  
  • BIRD & BEE SAFE: Protective see-through cover keeps birds, bees, and non-target species of wildlife and pollinating insect free from harm 
  • LONG-LASTING: Moisture and UV light-resistant, twinpack traps are refillable for season-long use  
  • REFILLABLE TWINPACK: Each trap lasts up to 2 months, with twinpack refills available (STV007) 
  • PLACEMENT: Hang traps at height of 10cm to 20cm initially, and increase as tomato and salad plants grow.  Trap cover will keep it free of leaves   
  • SUSTAINABLE: 100% Recycled backing board 
  • Buy 2 + for £13.49 Each

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Leaf-burrowing tomato leaf miners are a common greenhouse pest within mainland UK, causing reduced plant vigour, leaf-drop, and poor yields in salad crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, and sweet peppers. Use Defenders Tomato Leaf Miner Pheromone Traps throughout the summer months to trap the distinctive, yellow-dotted adult leaf miner fly and disrupt breeding cycles. 

The easy-to-use adhesive traps are completely Poison-Free and specially designed to keep birds, bees, non-target species of wildlife and pollinating insects free from harm. Long-lasting Tomato Leaf Miner Traps remain effective for up to 2 months and are refillable. 

For best results be sure to hang your traps in early summer and refresh them throughout the growing season. 

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