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Defenders Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector

Defenders Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector

Product Code: STV013
  • Safe for use around birds and other wildlife: specially designed cage ensure that non-target animals cannot come into accidental contact with the sticky surface whilst still providing effective protection against insect pests.
  • Refillable: one sticky board included, refill with STV017 Greenhouse Insect Catcher – 5 pack.
  • Suitable for organic gardening: contains no chemicals or poisons. Made from biodegradable material.
  • Attractive to insect pests: the sticky board is coloured bright yellow which is highly attractive to flying insects.
  • Easy to use: easy-peel backing to the glue board and snap-shut cage ensures quick and straight-forward set up

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Defenders® Outdoor Protector for use with Defenders Greenhouse Insect Catchers (STV017) allows outdoor use of the insect traps while preventing accidental trapping of non-target birds and wildlife.

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