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Defenders Greenhouse & Garden Insect Catcher Twinpack – bird-safe insect control for gardens

Defenders Greenhouse & Garden Insect Catcher Twinpack – bird-safe insect control for gardens

Product Code: STV013
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: Supplied with two complete traps – refill sticky traps available
  • INDOORS & OUT: for bird-safe insect control in greenhouses and conservatories, as well as out in the garden
  • EFFECTIVE: Aureola sticky yellow trap attracts and kills greenfly, whitefly, aphids, and other insect pests
  • SAFE FOR BIRDS: Unique cage and cover design keeps birds and wildlife free from harm by accidental trapping
  • MULTI-USE: Attach to garden cane, or hang within tomato and greenhouse crops, without leaves becoming stuck to trap surface
  • UNIQUE FORMAT: Double-sided adhesive traps with dry glue formulation that is UV light and water resistant
  • REUSABLE: Refill using the Defenders Greenhouse Insect Catcher Traps (STV017)
  • Buy 3 + for £7.99 Each

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Enjoy bumper crops of tomatoes and other salad plants this summer using the Greenhouse & Garden Insect Catcher from Defenders. The all-in-one twinpack is supplied as a ready-to-use kit with each trap enclosed in a bird-safe protective cage to prevent accidental trapping of birds and wildlife. Garden & Greenhouse Insect Catchers deliver safe and effective protection of indoor and outdoor crops against aphid pests, including greenfly, whitefly, and blackfly. Insects are attracted to a specially formulated dry glue surface by the irresistible aureola yellow trap. The long-lasting adhesive surface is UV light and water-resistant.

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