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Defenders Slugs Away® Baited Traps - 2 Pack - Poison-Free & Reusable

Defenders Slugs Away® Baited Traps - 2 Pack - Poison-Free & Reusable

Product Code: STV090
  • TWINPACK – value-for-money slug control – protect up to 60m2 without the use of harmful poison pellets 
  • BAITED READY-TO-USE: simply “plant” the pitfall trap with bait into the soil and the slugs will come 
  • RE-USABLE: just add beer or any other organic bait to create an effective poison-free slug trap  
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN & PETS: Non-poisonous and toxin-free: suitable for use around children and pets. Safe alternative to poisonous slug pellets 
  • ORGANIC GARDENING: Suitable for organic gardening: use in gardens and allotments to protect vegetable patches, seedlings and vulnerable plants from damage by slugs and snails 

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Slugs Away baited trap from Defenders can be used in gardens, allotments, and planters to protect vegetables, seedlings, and vulnerable plants from damage by slugs and snails. Bait is included and traps can be reused for the whole growing season.  

What is the size of a slug trap?

Each trap measures 12cm (H) x 15.5cm (W) x 15.5cm (D).

How many traps are in a pack?

Two traps are included.

Do these contain poison?

No, this is a method of poison-free organic, slug control.

Are the traps refillable?

Yes, refill the traps with household items such as beer, grape juice, lettuce, cabbage, turnips and sliced potatoes.

What is the included attractant made of?

This is a corn-based chicken feed.

How far into the ground should the trap be inserted?

Ensure the soil is loose and not compacted before attempting to insert the product as this may cause it to break or bend. The lip of the trap should be level with the ground so slugs and snails fall inside. 

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