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The Big Cheese Rat Killer² - Grain Bait Sachet - Effective Highly Palatable Bait

The Big Cheese Rat Killer² - Grain Bait Sachet - Effective Highly Palatable Bait

Product Code: STV224
  • Easy to use rat poison bait: 150g pack of palatable poison grain bait in a ready to use sachet to kill rats. Bait is premeasured and placed in a chew-through pack so you don’t have to handle the bait.
  • Versatile use: poison grain bait can be used indoors in the home and outdoors, around buildings, sheds, and garages. Must be used within a tamper-resistant bait station (bait station not included). The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Bait Station (STV179) is recommended.
  • Single-use sachet: rats chew through the pack and consume the poison inside. Dispose of wrapper securely when bait is gone.
  • Moisture-resistant: rat bait stays fresh inside the sachet in damp or wet weather so can be used in indoor or outdoor situations. Position baited stations in cupboards, attics, basements, lofts, sheds, garages, alleys, caravans, etc.
  • Contains difenacoum, a multi-feed bait.
  • Buy 3 + for £3.29 Each

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Ready-for-use bait for the control of rats in and around buildings. To be used in tamper resistant bait stations. Highly palatable chew-thru bait packs for use in and around buildings. Pre-measured and ready to place inside a bait station. No need to touch the bait. Advanced formula kills mice. With 50% less poison.* This advanced formula has been specially designed with the highest quality food materials, flavours and preservatives to create a highly palatable bait that kills rodents in just a few feeds. The Big Cheese® Home Choice range provides proven and effective control of rats and mice *using 50% less poison than previous formulations, making it the ideal choice for use in and around the home.

Does the bait need to be removed from the sachets?
No, rodents will eat through.

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