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Zero In Fly Max Re-Usable Fly Catcher 2 Pack - Super Effective Refillable Outdoor Trap

Zero In Fly Max Re-Usable Fly Catcher 2 Pack - Super Effective Refillable Outdoor Trap

Product Code: STV336
  • EFFECTIVE: Refillable traps catch up to 20,000 flies per setting.
  • VALUE: Ready-baited twinpack for use in and around the garden and outdoor areas vulnerable to fly infestation
  • ATTRACTIVE: Lures flies over 10m radius. Ideal for use in bin areas, kennels, chicken runs, and other vulnerable spots.
  • UNIQUE: 4-way entry cap design for enhanced rapid catch rates
  • SIMPLE SET-UP: Twist and tie hanger supplied. Just empty sachet and add water to activate. Traps fill to the brim with dead flies - top up water as required
  • NON-TOXIC: effective control of flies outdoors without using poison chemicals
  • REFILLABLE: use Zero In Re-Usable Fly Catcher – 3-Pack for summer-long fly control
  • UK MARKET LEADER: Exported worldwide
  • Packaging may vary

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Super effective attractant developed by professionals. Lasts 2-3 weeks. Attracts flies from up to 10m radius and traps them to prevent them from infesting homes. Kills most common nuisance flies. Re-usable.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Empty enclosed bait from sachet into trap. Add 300ml of water. Hang where it will receive the most sunlight and least wind. Bait requires an activation period of approximately 24 hours. Once trap is full, bury the contents into garden or empty into plastic bag and dispose of in household refuse.

IMPORTANT: For outdoor use only. Check regularly and maintain level of water. Do not allow to dry out. Hang out of reach of children. Always wash hands after carrying out any trap maintenance.

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