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Zero In Wasp-Free Zone - 2 Pack - Humane & Natural Imitation Wasp Nest Deterrent

Zero In Wasp-Free Zone - 2 Pack - Humane & Natural Imitation Wasp Nest Deterrent

Product Code: STV369
  • Imitation wasp nests: these two fake wasp nests fool wasps into thinking that the territory has already been claimed by enemy wasps, creating a wasp-free zone of up to 10m.
  • Humane visual wasp deterrent: stops wasps from building nests in protected areas without the use of chemicals or poisons, and causes no harm to wasp population.
  • No mess: no dead insects to clear up, start hanging the imitation nest in early spring to deter wasps all year round.
  • Easy to set up and use: simply pull open the Wasp-Free Zone and puff out the material using a balloon or similar for maximum effectiveness (not supplied), this will achieve the full effect, accurately mimicking a wasps nest and deterring them. Position in plain sight.
  • Two pack for full coverage: value-added pack ensures appropriate coverage for large garden areas. 1 Wasps Away gives up to a 10m radius of wasp-free zone.

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The imitation wasp nests deter wasps from entering patios, gardens and buildings to create a wasp-free zone by mimicking nests. Wasps will not enter a 10m radius around the decoy for fear of attack by enemy wasps. It is easy to use, simply hang it in the area to be protected - that's it!

Hang in plain sight anywhere you relax, play or eat outside (table umbrella, trees, eaves, play areas) and wasps assume the territory has already been claimed.

Start hanging in early spring to help deter wasps all year round.

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