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The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Scent Sachets - 5 Pack - Deters Rats and Mice

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Scent Sachets - 5 Pack - Deters Rats and Mice

Product Code: STV401
  • All-natural rat and mouse repellent sachets contain wheat scented with peppermint. The strong mint smell is repugnant to rats and mice, deterring them from causing damage in households.
  • Poison and chemical-free rodent deterrent sachets can be placed in living areas, especially where food is stored to deter rats and mice from the home.
  • Safe for use around children and pets.
  • Provides up to 30 days protection and can be refreshed using The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray - 500 ml (STV405, sold separately).
  • Hang or place the deterrent sachets anywhere in the home. Repels rats and mice from garages, sheds, outbuildings, boats, lofts and cellars.

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All natural Anti Mouse Scent Sachets from The Big Cheese® contain cracked wheat infused with a specially formulated blend of mint oils. Each Anti Mouse Scent Sachet offers long-lasting protection, destroying rodent odours and disrupting their pheromone trails within vulnerable areas of your home. Use Anti Mouse Refresher Spray (STV405) to refresh sachets as needed. Hang or place Anti Mouse Scent Sachets in affected areas, using them alongside traditional controls such as traps and baits to rid the home of rodent pests and their unpleasant odours. Anti Mouse Scent Sachets are perfect for small indoor spaces, especially enclosed areas such as food cupboards and larders. Anti Mouse Scent Sachets and Refresher Spray are safe for use in all living areas, including kitchens, closets, cupboards, basements, attics, garages, sheds, vehicles, caravans, boats, etc.

What is in the sachets?
The sachets contain dehydrated cracked wheat impregnated with natural peppermint oil, designed to destroy the odour trails rodents leave behind- no scent trail, no return.

Where should I place these?
Ensure the sachets have a strong smell before positioning- these can be refreshed with STV405 Anti Mouse Refresher Spray. Place them where signs of rodent activity has been seen, such as droppings or gnaw marks.

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Brand The Big Cheese

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