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The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray - 500ml - Deters Rats and Mice

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse Refresher Spray - 500ml - Deters Rats and Mice

Product Code: STV405
  • Use around the home as a standalone spray-on treatment or as a refresher spray for Anti Mouse Scent Sachets (STV401, sold separately): scented with peppermint. The strong mint smell is repugnant to rats and mice, deterring them from causing damage in households.
  • Poison and chemical-free spray can be sprayed onto rodent deterrent sachets, then placed where food is stored to deter rats and mice from the home.
  • Safe for use around children and pets, the all-natural formulation repels rats and mice without the use of chemicals.
  • Anti Mouse Refresher Spray provides up to 30 days protection and refreshes The Big Cheese anti rodent sachets - 5 pack (STV401).
  • Repels rats and mice from garages, sheds, outbuildings, boats, lofts and cellars.

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All natural Anti Mouse Refresher Spray from The Big Cheese® contains a specially formulated blend of mint oils that will destroy rodent odours and disrupt their pheromone trails within vulnerable areas of your home. Anti Mouse Refresher Spray can be used alongside traditional controls such as traps and baits to rid the home of rodent pests and their unpleasant odours. It can also be used to refresh the mint aroma of Anti Mouse Scent Sachets (STV401). Both products are perfect for use in small indoor areas, particularly enclosed spaces such as food cupboards and larders. Anti Mouse Refresher Spray and sachets are safe for use in all living areas, including kitchens, closets, cupboards, basements, attics, garages, sheds, caravans, boats, etc.

Can it be used on fabrics?
This isn't recommended but a small area should be tested first before larger application.

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Brand The Big Cheese

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