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The Big Cheese Fox & Wildlife Repellent - 2L Ready-to-Use Sprayer

The Big Cheese Fox & Wildlife Repellent - 2L Ready-to-Use Sprayer

Product Code: STV417
  • HSE APPROVED: Ready-to-use spray formulation with backpack sprayer deters foxes and wildlife from digging, scratching, and soiling vulnerable garden areas  
  • EASY APPLICATION: Backpack sprayer and 1m hose connection for easy application and better reach into planted areas.  Refillable (STV416 The Big Cheese Fox & Wildlife Repellent – Twinpack 50g Sachets recommended) and re-usable as a garden sprayer 
  • EFFECTIVE: Works well around refuse and dustbin areas to deter nuisance foxes and wildlife from damage and contamination 
  • CHILD & PET SAFE: Pets, wildlife, and children need not be excluded from treatment areas and this harmless product will not stain or leave residual markings on hard surfaces 
  • READY-TO-USE: Deters foxes and wildlife without harm. For outdoor use only - repeat treatment every 48 hours. Treats up to 100m2  
  • Contains aluminium ammonia sulphate - use pesticides safely - always read the instructions before use 
  • Buy 2 + for £10.00 Each

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The Big Cheese Fox & Wildlife Deterrent is an HSE-approved, ready-to-use deterrent for the treatment of vulnerable areas such as patios, bins and refuse areas, and other exposed or susceptible parts of the gardenFox & Wildlife Repellent has an effective coverage area of 100m2. It works as an aversive product to help reduce scratching, digging, and foulingFor best results apply to affected sites as soon as the problem is observed. The product is not rainfast and reapplication may be necessary for extended activity. 

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Brand The Big Cheese Pets & Wildlife

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