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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit - Lockable, Baited & Effective

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit - Lockable, Baited & Effective

Product Code: STV563
  • Reusable trap station: lockable station for a mouse trap, includes one Ultra Power mouse trap which is guaranteed to kill mice and comes pre-filled with highly palatable bait.
  • Secure for use around pets and children: protects children and pets such as cats and dogs from powerful mouse trap.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors: durable plastic container can be positioned in the home, loft spaces, gardens, sheds, garages, outbuildings and greenhouses.
  • Doubles up as a bait box: the Mouse Trap Kit box can also be used as a bait box with any type of bait (bait blocks, loose bait, bait sachets etc). Bait block fixings are included.
  • Easy to set trap: powerful, effective trap and station enables safe control and disposal of mice - keeps captured mice hidden from sight until disposal is possible. Simple one click to set trap and also to dispose of captures.
  • Re-bait with STV163.

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Ultra Power Trap Kits from The Big Cheese® are an effective and proven method of controlling rodent infestations indoors and out, without exposing children, pets, and non-target animals to the risk of accidental contact with traps. This kit is equipped with an easy-to-set Ultra Power Mouse Trap – just like the professionals use – which is ready-baited and reusable. The kit is lockable and tamper resistant, and it will keep captured rodents hidden from sight. Ultra Power Trap Kits are guaranteed to kill rodent pests, or your money back. For best results place units 2-3 metres apart in worst affected areas. Heavy infestations may require more traps. The Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit can also be used as a tamper-proof bait station when baiting mice.

Can I use this product with poison bait?
Yes, the box is lockable. Ensure that the bait is securely fastened inside before positioning.

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Brand The Big Cheese Ultra Power

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