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The Big Cheese Mole Scatter Granules - 450g - Humane Natural Mole Deterrent

The Big Cheese Mole Scatter Granules - 450g - Humane Natural Mole Deterrent

Product Code: STV651
  • Biodegradable, humane mole repellent: the granules are coated with castor oil as an effective natural active deterrent to repel moles from gardens and lawns. They find the taste unpleasant and causes them no harm. Does not affect plants or growth.
  • Treatment area: 450g of mole repellent granules treats up to 45m2 of lawn, gardens, seedbeds, meadows and parks.
  • Suitable for use around children and pets: scatter granules contain natural ingredients such as plant oils and no poisons.
  • How to use: apply to garden areas where mole hills are a problem, repeat application when new mole hills and diggings become prevalent. Avoid blanket treatment of affected area and leave an escape route for moles.
  • Shaker cap: bottle comes with shaker-style cap to allow for easy application. Any unused granules can be stored in the bottle. Can be used all year round.

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Mole Scatter Granules combine natural plant oil extracts with biodegradable granules for the treatment of mole tunnels in vulnerable areas such as seed beds, lawns, meadows and parks. The plant oils penetrate down into the tunnels and surrounding earth, tainting the moles' food source and eliciting an oral repulsive response, encouraging them to find new feeding locations. Works as an aversive product. Treats mole hills and tunnels without harm.

  1. Identify the area(s) where mole activity is evident.
  2. Scatter the granules on top of the affected area at the rate of 1kg per 100 sq m. These can be distributed either by hand or using a garden spreader. A shaker cap is fitted to the bottle for easy use.
  3. Once application of the product is complete, it's recommended that the treated area is watered lightly to speed up the release of the material and penetration into the soil.
  4. Repeat the treatment as and when new diggings or mole hills are evident.

The natural plant oils in the product penetrate down into the mole tunnels and surrounding earth. The oils taint the moles' food source, encouraging them to move to new feeding locations, away from the protected area.

Once an area is treated, mole disturbances may increase as they actively seek a new source of food.

How often should the treatment be applied?
As and when new molehills appear.

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Brand The Big Cheese Pets & Wildlife

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