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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mega-Sonic® Twin-Speaker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mega-Sonic® Twin-Speaker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Product Code: STV725
  • High-tech rodent repellent: drives rodents from your home using powerful ultrasonic sound that rodents hate, but cannot be heard by humans, dogs or cats.
  • Whole room protection: twin-speaker functionality allows for wide-angle, extended coverage and protection.
  • For indoor use only: each unit, without obstruction, protects a full room, or an area of up to 60m2. 1.8m cable is supplied to enable easy positioning of the unit from power socket.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: rodent repellent is supplied with a two-year warranty and money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied.
  • Economical rodent control: operating the ultrasonic unit costs less than a penny a day in electricity costs.
  • Buy 2 + for £30.00 Each

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The Mega-Sonic® Twin-Speaker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller from The Big Cheese® provides guaranteed control of rodent pests in living spaces and outbuildings, or your money back. Wide-angle output plus next-generation ultrasonic attack-wave technology guarantee a protected zone of over 60m² of unobstructed space. The product can be used as either a curative treatment to dispel rodents from infested areas, or as a follow-up preventative treatment after using traditional poison baits or traps. The Big Cheese Mega-Sonic Twin-Speaker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is inaudible to humans and safe to use around cats and dogs. However, it should never be used near rodent pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. 24/7 protection: poison-free rodent control for the home. Scientifically tested and proven.

I plugged my repeller in but haven't noticed a difference?
It's important that steps are taken to help the effectiveness of the product such as clearing up leftover food or rubbish that rodents will be attracted to and blocking entryways. The repeller is a training device and as such may take up to 28 days to break the visiting habits of the rodents. You should not use baited traps or poison baits at the same time as this will counteract the repel action.

This product is a training device; what does that mean?
When it comes to repelling rodents, they will have built up habits that can take time to break. They know where their safe passageways are and need to learn, with the aid of the repeller, that these are no longer suitable. Therefore, it will take time for their usual routine to break. That's why you may not see an immediate decline in rodent activity.

Can this be used around birds?
The unit works on a swept frequency of 30-60kHz, out of the hearing range of birds.

How long is the cable?

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