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Zero In Ant Killer Powder – 450g – Ready-to-Use Fast Acting Formula

Zero In Ant Killer Powder – 450g – Ready-to-Use Fast Acting Formula

Product Code: STV950
  • VERSATILE:  fast-acting formula controls ants and other crawling insects indoors and out  
  • EFFECTIVE: long-lasting control of up to 6 weeks over a 45m2 surface area  
  • ACCURATE: easy-to-use puffer-pack system for even application rates and easily targeted crack and crevice treatments 
  • Contains permethrin 
  • Buy 2 + for £5.00 Each

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Long-lasting Zero In Ant Killer Powder, 450g puffer-pack treatment of ants, woodlice, cockroaches, earwigs and other crawling insectsFast-acting formula ideal for use in the home and garden. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake the container before use. Unscrew outer cap. Point at the area to be treated and apply a fine dust of powder. Shake the pack during use if required with the cap on. Apply the powder to where the ants are running and into the ant’s nest. Ensure the corners, cracks and crevices are treated where the ants hide. If ants are entering the home, apply powder to the ant’s route and entry points. Avoid applying to damp or wet surfaces in the home. Repeat treatment as required.

Is this suitable for use around pets?
No, pets should be removed from the treatment area, particularly cats, who are susceptible to the active ingredient within the product.

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