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The Big Cheese Heron - Deters Bird Pests from Garden Ponds & Fisheries

The Big Cheese Heron - Deters Bird Pests from Garden Ponds & Fisheries

Product Code: STV955
  • Life-like, durable 30 inch (76cm) heron deterrent decoy protects ponds, fisheries and aquatic areas in outdoor, garden areas.
  • Humane heron scarer is weatherproof with natural colouring to deter bird pests in garden areas; safe for use around children and pets.
  • Detachable fixing stake included to secure heron repellent to affected pond areas.
  • Durable, weather-proof material ensures the heron repellent is suitable for year-round use around garden ponds.
  • Use at least two decoys to deter predator herons from garden pond or aquatic areas; move its location from time to time to maintain effectiveness.

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Placing decoy herons by the side of ponds has been shown to deter the real thing from feasting on fish. Herons normally go fishing early in the morning or at dusk, and will be bolder in the spring when they have young to feed. Protects fisheries, ponds and other aquatic areas.

What is the size of this product?
It measures 74 x 16.5 x 22cm.

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Brand The Big Cheese Pets & Wildlife

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