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Zero In Flea Killer - Mains Powered, Effective Flea Killer for the Home

Zero In Flea Killer - Mains Powered, Effective Flea Killer for the Home

Product Code: ZER020
  • Easy set-up: quick and easy installation. Mains operated.
  • Wide coverage: treats room areas within a 10m radius.
  • Effective: attracts and kills fleas as they become active.
  • Continuous use: can be used around the clock to give 24-hour protection.

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Zero In® Flea Killer radiates a gentle heat, mimicking warm blooded animals such as cats and dogs to attract fleas to the trap from all directions. The adhesive disc traps fleas without the use of poisons or sprays and can be used all year round. Safe and easy to use, Zero In Flea Killer will help to eliminate any infestation.

How long do I leave it on for?
Leave the unit switched on until no more fleas are evident on the sticky pads.

Can I get refills?
The refill pack (ZER019) is available and contains 3 sticky refill discs and 2 spare bulbs.

What is the wattage of the bulb?
7 watts.

How often should I change the discs?
Every 2-4 weeks, depending on catch rate.

How long is the power cable?
It is 190cm including fittings.

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