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Zero In Clothes Moth Traps - Twin Pack - Effective, Easy-to-use Trap

Zero In Clothes Moth Traps - Twin Pack - Effective, Easy-to-use Trap

Product Code: ZER036
  • Adhesive trap: pheromones on the trap lure clothes moths onto the sticky surface where they cannot escape.
  • Use hanging or free standing: fold the traps to hang using the built-in hook, or position free-standing in cupboards, drawers or wardrobes, wherever clothes are stored.
  • Easy to use: simple to set up trap comes flat packed with easy-to-follow instructions for how to fold the trap.
  • Disposable: once the trap is full, dispose of in household waste.
  • Poison-free: suitable for use around children or pets, uses natural pheromones without poisons or chemicals.
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Don't let clothes moths, or their eggs and larvae, damage your favourite clothes. Zero In® Clothes Moth traps are an ideal way to monitor clothes moth infestations and protect delicate woollens and fabrics, and valuable clothing. These eco-friendly traps are poison-free and easy to set up and use - each trap contains a natural pheromone that lures moths to the sticky adhesive surface, from which they cannot escape. The Clothes Moth Traps are perfectly sized and can be used either hanging or free-standing in wardrobes and closets to provide long-lasting results. Discreet and easy to use. 2 x traps work for 90 days each.

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