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Zero In Kitchen Insect Killer - Adhesive Bug and Fly Killer Stick

Zero In Kitchen Insect Killer - Adhesive Bug and Fly Killer Stick

Product Code: ZER502
  • Bright aureola yellow adhesive stick attracts and kills flying insects with a long-lasting adhesive coating for summer-long protection.
  • Dispose of fly stick when full.
  • Hang or position discreetly in box to hide dead flies from sight.
  • 3 colours available.
  • Size: 26cm long.

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Zero In® Kitchen Insect Killer uses aureola yellow colouring to attract flying insects to its long lasting adhesive coating. Once the flies are stuck, they stay stuck! Zero In Kitchen Insect Killer will last all summer long, catching nuisance insects in the home, conservatories and green-houses. Keeps dead flies hidden from sight.

Is this safe around pets?
It is advisable to keep the stick out of reach from pets.

Does it attract midges?
Yes, the light may attract midges.

Does it have an odour?
No, this product is odourless.

How long does it take to start working?
Once switched on, the product will immediately start working, subject to the numbers of flies in the area. Flies are attracted to flies so once the trap has caught flies this should further attract more flies.

Can this be used in other rooms?
Yes, it can be used in other rooms, conservatories and greenhouses.

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