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Zero In 90-Day Knockdown Flying Insect Killer - Portable Bug Killer Cassette

Zero In 90-Day Knockdown Flying Insect Killer - Portable Bug Killer Cassette

Product Code: ZER883
  • Effective insect killer: protects indoor areas of up to 40 cubic metres for as long as 90 days.
  • Portable: small, discreet unit can be used while travelling and on holiday to repel and kill flying insects. Ideal for household use or holiday travel.
  • Built-in date reminder: slide the date marker to the appropriate month when the unit will need replacing to maintain effectiveness.
  • No unpleasant smells: insecticide is released discreetly without any smells. Doesn't drip or stain areas where it's positioned.
  • Contains transfluthrin and geraniol.

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Zero In® 90-Day Knockdown Flying Insect Killer is designed to kill and help control most flying insects around the home. The unit is portable and has an end of life indicator to remind you when the unit needs changing. Fragrance free, the unit has no unpleasant smells and is drip and stain free. Whole room protection. 1 unit included.

How many do you get in the box?
1 unit.

Where do I place the time indicator?
Position the time indicator to show 3 months after the date you're setting the killer up.

Does it have a smell?
A slight smell that is not strong or overpowering.

Can I use this in the kitchen?
Yes. Do not use in larders or food cupboards.

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Brand Zero In

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