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Zero In Total Insect Killer - 300ml Aerosol - Fast-Acting Control Treatment

Zero In Total Insect Killer - 300ml Aerosol - Fast-Acting Control Treatment

Product Code: ZER905
  • Total Insect Killer spray controls flying and crawling bugs such as flies, midges, ants, wasps and mosquitoes.
  • Fact-acting insect spray is suitable for use indoors in the home.
  • Multi-purpose treatment kills insects on contact, can be sprayed in rooms or directly onto surfaces.
  • Insecticidal spray provides complete control of flying and crawling insects.
  • Contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

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Zero In® Total Insect Killer is an insecticidal spray for the control of most flying and crawling insects. The multi-purpose treatment can be used for insect knockdown, room space spray and for spraying surfaces. Fast contact killer - protects your home.

Where can I use this product?
This can be sprayed directly into the air for knockdown of flying insects and applied to hard surfaces for crawling insects. Do not use on food preparation surfaces.

Are there any special procedures I need to follow?
Do not spray on bedding, clothing or upholstery. Close windows and doors, spray in five second bursts and leave the room for 10 minutes undisturbed. Ensure that after spraying, the room is well ventilated before using.

Does this kill fruit flies and silverfish?
Yes, this product contains a broad spectrum insecticide which will kill most insects.

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