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Zero In Fly & Wasp Killer Spray 300ml Aerosol - Fast-Acting Control in the Home

Zero In Fly & Wasp Killer Spray 300ml Aerosol - Fast-Acting Control in the Home

Product Code: ZER906
  • Effective aerosol spray which kills wasps, flies, mosquitos and other flying insects instantly on contact.
  • Fast-acting killer spray for use indoors to control bugs such as wasps, flies and mosquitos.
  • Effective flying insect killer spray instantly stops wasps and flies from plaguing household areas.
  • A 3 second burst of wasp killer spray treats an average sized room (30 cubic metres); simply spray directly at bugs and flying insects from a distance of 60 to 90cm.
  • Contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

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Zero In® Fly & Wasp Killer is a fast acting spray that kills flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects on contact. Kills on contact - protects your home.

Can I use this in the kitchen?
Caution must be taken to not contaminate anything used for food prep or eating. Do not spray directly onto food contact surfaces, eating utensils or foodstuffs.

What are the active ingredients?
Permethrin  0.138% w/w
Tetramethrin    0.184% w/w
Piperonyl Butoxide 0.564% w/w

What does w/w mean?
Weight for weight which indicates the proportion of the active substance in the product by weight.

Can I use this on sofas and carpet?
Avoid direct contact with soft furnishings, carpet or polished surfaces. Not for use on clothing or bedding. Do not apply to any pet bedding or sleeping quarters.

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