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Great value solutions

Repel Mice From Your Home

Stop mice becoming a problem with a whole room sonic repeller, sachets which you can put in cubpoards and under units. Refresh them with the spray and use it to stop mouse scent trails.

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Ultra Power Traps For Indoor Rat Control

Secure lockable trap stations and traps which protect children and pets from contact with the trap and catch. Replacement bait / attractant included.

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Deter Wasps And Catch Them Without Poison

Imitation nests discourage more being built. Traps will catch unwanted wasps without poison - summer long.

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Poison Free Treatments To Keep Dogs Off Your Garden

Three different and great value ways of keeping dogs at bay without harming them.

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We care for people, pests and the planet

The Big Cheese offers ethical and humane solutions and products to help you solve your pest problems.

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