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The Big Cheese Live Animal Trap – Small Cage. Live-catch cage trap for squirrels and small animals

The Big Cheese Live Animal Trap – Small Cage. Live-catch cage trap for squirrels and small animals

Product Code: STV076
  • READY-TO-USE: Supplied fully assembled and ready-to-use 
  • EASY SET UP: Simple treadle-activated setting mechanism with positive spring-loaded cage door that is self-locking and secure 
  • PROTECTIVE: Solid hand plate with carrier handle keeps caged animals safely covered and protects hands during transportation and release 
  • DURABLE: Heavy-duty galvanised mesh construction with reliable setting mechanism and machine finish to ensure no sharp edges 
  • CATCH & RELOCATE: Suitable for squirrels and small animals: 44cm x 19cm x 19cm 
  • Bait with STV163.
  • Buy 2 + for £29.99 Each

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Animal Trap is fully assembled for easy set-up and trapping of squirrels and other similar sized nuisance animals. Use it for the safe and effective control of unwanted wildlife in gardens, on farms and other wildlife habitats. Select the site where nuisance animals are a problem. For best results set up in an area away from regular human activity. Once set the trap(s) should be left in position for at least seven days before relocating.

Whether trapping birds or animals, we advise users to be mindful of their legal obligations to comply with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and to ensure that captured animals do not suffer.

  • Position traps away from natural or man-made hazards and areas prone to flooding.
  • It is good practice to check cage traps regularly for catches. Remove traps that can not be regularly checked.
  • Remember: the welfare of all captured animals becomes the responsibility of the captor.
  • For live releases: transport animals at least 3 miles from catch-site and release into a natural environment away from any obvious and immediate risk of danger or predators. Ensure there are adequate sources of food and shelter available nearby.

Does the cage come ready to use or flat-packed?

The cage is sold ready to use.

Where should I position the cage?

Set and locate the cage where you've seen signs of activity from the animal you wish to catch, with the entrance positioned in their walk-way.

What is the size of the cage trap?

The Animal Trap - Small Cage measures 44x19x19cm.

How often should I check the cage trap?

It is important that you adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 whenever trapping live animals. It is recommended that the cage is checked every few hours so the animal can be released as quickly as possible to minimise their distress, and that cages are removed when not in use to avoid accidental trapping.

What animals should this cage be used for?

Rats, squirrels, stoats, weasel. 

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