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Ready-Baited Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Ready-Baited Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Product Code: STV202
  • POISON-FREE: Ready-baited with moisture-resistant, poison-free bait. The bait is made from 100% biodegradable British grain and is a safer first resort to traditional baits. These blocks are highly palatable to rodents and are safe to use around children, pets and non-target species
  • DUAL SETTINGS: Leave trap open to monitor vulnerable areas and close trap to control as necessary
  • WEATHER-PROOF: Durable and long-lasting, it is suitable to place in indoor areas such as kitchen cupboards, sheds, garages and outdoor areas
  • SELF-SETTING: The trap has a self-setting mechanism for ease of use and will fit up to 10 mice
  • MONITOR: Clear view flip-top lid for easy inspection, cleaning and live release
  • CONTROL: Simply release the captured mice back into a suitable area once caught
  • REFILLABLE: Refills are available with The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Block Bait (STV201)
  • Refill with poison-free Mouse & Rat Block Bait (STV201).

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Want to rid your home and outbuildings of nuisance mice without using traditional poison baits and traps?

The Big Cheese Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way to monitor or control mice indoors and around the home, including in child and pet play areas.

Use the Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap to monitor vulnerable areas for mice safely, year-round. The trap is supplied ready-baited and features a self-setting mechanism for ease of use.

The see-through wire mesh enables easy, at-a-glance inspection for bait-take and early signs of rodent activity.

Once activated, the Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap will trap up to 5 mice at a setting.

Refill the Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap as required using The Big Cheese Poison-Free Mouse & Rat Block Bait (item code STV201).

The trap is durable and easy to clean and will enable safe and effective control of mice for years.

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