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Zero In Ready Baited Wasp Trap

Zero In Ready Baited Wasp Trap

Product Code: ZER365
  • EFFECTIVE: Lures wasps within a 20 metre radius
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simply mix sachet contents with water
  • YELLOW DESIGN: To help encourage wasps and deter them from other areas of the garden
  • EASY TO EMPTY: Lid unscrews for easy emptying and re-use
  • POISON-FREE: Trap and kill nuisance wasps without using poisons
  • REFILLS AVAILABLE: Refill with STV371 Poison-free sachet
  • Buy 2 + for £5.99 Each

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kills nuisance wasps without using poison. Attract, trap and kill wasps in outdoor areas with the reusable Zero In Ready-Baited Wasp Trap. Just mix water with the bait supplied and the super-effective attractant will lure wasps within a 20-metre radius. Made from lightweight, sturdy plastic, the decorative trap has a removable lid for easy cleaning and baiting. Hang in vulnerable outdoor areas to help protect family and friends from wasp stings.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Unscrew and remove the top section of the Wasp Trap, sachet and hanger 2. Mix the enclosed sachet with 200ml of water and then pour it into the trap 3. Re-assemble trap and then hang it, or stand on a flat surface, ideally in a sunlit area of the garden sheltered from direct wind 4. Ensure it is placed away from children’s play areas and other spots where people are likely to gather 5. Avoid spillage of wasp lure. Clean up immediately if spillage occurs 6. Wasp lure requires an activation period of approximately 24 hours 7. Top up Wasp Trap with additional water from time to time if required 8. Clean well before re-baiting. Empty dead insects into plastic bag and dispose of in household refuse.

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