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Zero In Dual Action Gel Ant Bait Station- Twinpack, Kills Ant Nests, Ready-To-Use

Zero In Dual Action Gel Ant Bait Station- Twinpack, Kills Ant Nests, Ready-To-Use

Product Code: ZER965
  • TWIN PACK: Value-for-money control of ants and their nests in and around the home 
  • DISCREET Unique, triangular corner-fit design for easy and secure placement in any room 
  • NO TOUCH: Clean and easy push-top activation without any tear tops or mess
  • SAFER: sealed bait sachet to protect children and pets from accidental bait contact    
  • EFFECTIVE: destroys nests and whole ant colonies indoors and out, including larvae, worker and queen ants  
  • NATURAL: honey-based bait is irresistible to feeding ants and lethal to the ant colony  
  • INDOOR USE: ideal for kitchens, conservatories, and other home rooms 

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Twinpack Dual Action Gel Ant Bait from Zero In are honey-based ant traps for complete control of ant colonies and their nestsPush-top activation and sealed bait sachets make these units clean and easy to use and safer for children and petsThe two discreet triangular traps fit neatly into the corners of any home room or kitchen cupboard and provide lasting control of invading ants throughout the summer months.   

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The station is easy to activate, just place on a hard surface and push circular disc on the top of station down until you hear a crack.
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