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Defenders Slugs Away® Barrier Gel - Humane Natural Slug Deterrent - 650ml

Defenders Slugs Away® Barrier Gel - Humane Natural Slug Deterrent - 650ml

Product Code: STV096
  • POISON-FREE: Colourless, odour-free slug gel: creates a natural, poison-free barrier to protect plants and crops from slug and snail damage in gardens 
  • LONG-LASTING: Lasts up to 2 weeks: each application of slug gel will last for up to 2 weeks and is effective in both wet and dry conditions 
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN & PETS: Suitable for use around children and pets: the barrier gel contains no toxins or poisons and is a natural slug and snail deterrent 
  • SAFE FOR WILDLIFE: It is safe for use around birds, dogs, cats, hedgehogs and other wildlife and pets 
  • VERSATILE: apply to soil and hard surfaces where signs of slug or snail activity has been seen (or as a preventative measure), including around planters, tubs, pots, hanging baskets and target plants such as hostas in gardens 
  • EFFECTIVE: An effective alternative to slug pellets: easy to use slug deterrent, simply open the bottle cap and apply to problem garden areas targeted by slugs or snails 
  • Packaging may vary 
  • Buy 2 + for £4.49 Each

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Slugs Away barrier gel from Defenders is a non-toxic, odour-free, colourless gel that forms a barrier which protects plants from slugs and snails. Formulated using natural ingredients it is safe for use around children and animals including birds, dogs and hedgehogs. Unlike dry granular products, Defenders Slugs Away barrier gel stays effective in both wet and dry weather conditions and will continue working for up to two weeks.  

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