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Defenders Slugs Away® Barrier Tape Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent - 4m

Defenders Slugs Away® Barrier Tape Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent - 4m

Product Code: STV097
  • Single-use copper barrier tape: apply to greenhouse poles, pots, raised beds, cold frames and planters. Lasts through all weathers.
  • 4m length: can be cut to required strips. Protects up to 12 x 5” pots.
  • Humane slug and snail protection: copper slug tape forms a protective ring around plants and generates a small natural charge to stop snails and slugs from crossing without killing or harming them.
  • Suitable for organic gardening: tape contains no chemicals or poisons. Suitable for use around children, wildlife and pets.
  • Easy to apply: contains adhesive backing. Simply peel off protective backing and apply to desired area.

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Slugs Away® Barrier Tape from Defenders® is a simple and effective way of protecting plant pots, greenhouse stagings, raised beds and coldframes without using poison or chemical controls. When slugs and snails contact the tape a reaction between the mucous and copper produces a tiny electrical charge which discourages crossing.

What is the size of the tape?
3 x 400cm.

What is the tape made from?

Can the tape be cut with scissors?

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